The Challenge

Corruption is a network problem involving multiple layers of individuals and organisations. Anti-corruption efforts require a strong understanding of government and connections to be made across issue areas, datasets, national borders, and sectors of an economy and society.
Data is needed by stakeholders from government to civil society and journalists to understand and spot patterns of behaviour across a range of activities and agencies.

The Solution

The ODC’s Open Up Guide to Combat Corruption identifies priority datasets, open standards and open data use-cases that governments, civil society and other stakeholders can focus on to tackle corruption at all levels and to respond to increasingly complex corruption networks.

Background for Anti-corruption

Open Up Guide to Combat Corruption

The Open Up Guide to Combat Corruption was supported by the Open Data for Development (OD4D) program, a partnership funded by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the World Bank, United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID), and Global Affairs Canada (GAC).

Gitbook version

This version of the Open Up Guide is an interactive version and includes a series of case studies highlight existing and future approaches to the use of open data, the priority datasets (see Airtable version) and open standards and open data use-cases for stakeholders to combat corruption.


Airtable version

Go straight to the existing data examples! The Airtable version identifies 30 priority datasets and the key attributes needed so that they are interoperable. To address corruption networks it is particularly important that connections can be established and followed across data sets, national borders and different sectors.

Report (PDF version)

This is the second version of our tool published in 2018. The Open Up Guide report is intended to be part of a growing body of work using open data to fight corruption.

Anti-corruption Tools

This document has been developed as part of the OGP Multi-Donor Trust Fund(MDTF) program on Advancing OGP’s Thematic Priorities, which aims to increase the proportion of countries with new potentially transformative commitments. Specifically, the consortium created between Global Integrity, Open Data Charter, ILDA (Iniciativa Latinoamericana de Datos Abiertos), AODN (African Open Data Network), and OD4D (Open Data for Development Network) has collaborated with target countries in Latin-America and Africa to foster sustainable initiatives to use open data to fight corruption.

The Roadmap to fight corruption with open data is an online tool that takes users through a journey that will prepare them to build OGP (Open Government Partnership) commitments that are problem-focused, evidence-based and well-articulated. Each section is designed to help users find the answers to the following questions:

  • What is my anti-corruption policy goal?
  • How will open data help me advance my goal?
  • How can I use the OGP platform to achieve my goal?

Our Work in Anti-corruption

Below is a comprehensive list of the Open Data Charter’s major anti-corruption work for your reference:

  • You can also visit our blog for more articles and writings on anti-corruption, or download this brochure created through Paris Peace Forum’s Scale-Up Program.


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