Data Support Page

The Open Data Charter is a global civil society organization that has worked with governments from around the world helping with different types of implementations of open data policies.

Our work goes from light touch work to deep dives for country implementations, where we work alongside governmental open data teams and departments.

Workshops, consultations, etc

Virtual meetings

1 hour
The ODC team can have a one hour call with you to revise your open data policy, share good practices and feedback on existing documentation.

Open Data evangelization workshops 

1-8 hours
The ODC team is prepared to introduce open data to all governmental and civil society teams. Beginning from the very basics (e.g. What are the 5 stars of open data?) all the way to data re-use and visualization tools.

We will tailor the workshop according to the specific needs of the audience and navigate the specific contexts accordingly. These workshops can be virtual or in-person and the length will be decided according to the agreed objectives.

Data Mapping

1-2 months
Using the methodology created for implementing the Open Up Guides, the ODC has created a matrix to evaluate the state of the art of thematic data. Through collaboration with the governmental team we leverage existing data that is already published, data that is digitized but not open and data that is not yet collected but deemed important for a specific area of governance.

The deliverable will be a data matrix with specific information of the actions needed to open up each specific dataset.

Creation of Publication plans

1-2 months
This support is only possible if we have worked on the data mapping exercise beforehand (see above). ODC can lead the creation of a publication plan for the short, mid and long term. 

The deliverable will be a document with the list of datasets to include in each phase, the regulatory framework evaluation and proposed changes.

Prioritization workshops

4 hours each. We recommend having two per project.
ODC firmly believes that understanding the public problem one is trying to solve via an open data policy is critical to its success, that is why we developed a methodology to lead participatory priorization of data to understand data demand. ODC team can lead these workshops both virtually and online. 

The deliverable is a report on the data demand and priorities both from the governmental and civil society side

Data Re-use Competitions

2 months to a year
ODC can help organize and lead data re-use challenges, creating the legal framework documents, mentoring methodology and team selection processes. We have implemented one day hackathon events as well as 4-month long mentoring processes. We will work with the government team to decide the best methodology, communications and engagement strategy and lead the work. 

The deliverables will change depending on the type of data re-use process that is implemented.

OGP support work

Depending on the project and type of support
As ODC was born out of a discussion at Open Government Partnership, our work has always been connected with the OGP process. 

We have always supported OGP commitment creation, which has helped governments to engage in thematic conversations as well as guided them through the drafting and revision process of their commitments. We have also developed tools to help OGP members create better commitments that are open for re-use.

Open Data related research

Depending on the type of project
Since 2021, the ODC has focused on research around key areas within the digital rights agenda and how open data intersects with all the streamlining topics: privacy, AI, data ethics, data governance,and  SDGs. The ODC team can lead focused research projects using both quantitative and qualitative methodologies and deliver reports and recommendations.


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